« ELLES » exhibition Seillans

The approach of Marie-Thérèse Tsalapatanis is detached from the body, despite its three- dimensional support, to leave room for the intention. In the midst of feminist topics, this exhibition also offers us a reflection on the relationship to the body, thus questioning the notion of femininity. In most human societies, femininity refers to characteristics considered specific to women and conditioned by a socio-cultural environment. It is constructed on the basis of categorizations and representations: nurturing mother, femme fatale, amazon, muse, the woman is seen through its various archetypes. The sculptures of Marie-Thérèse Tsalapatanis, with a figurative expressionist tendency, explores humanist themes linked to feminism, childhood, mythologies and animality, thus questioning the place of the living and the thought in the universe.

Clotilde Delaunay, Curator